About this project

Tzedek is a platform that offers specialized financing as well as litigation consulting to law firms, providing an end-to-end funding gateway to solicitors and claimants on cases for aggregated claims litigation & single case litigation. Tzedek’s mission is to mitigate risk whilst seeking to fund the very best cases & claim types, partnering with the best legal firms across the UK to do so.

“When people call us, they are usually in a stressful place. In these situations, the team needs to provide a high level of empathy on top of walking through the solutions our customers require. Quetzel helped helps me achieve that empathetic, knowledgeable response across the team at Tzerdek. Time was taken to understand our challenges & goals then align solutions that can help us immediately. We can easily see their average handling time, talk time, how quickly they picked up the call, and the length of the after-call work. We use all these metrics for our efficiency targets.”

Ian Yardley , CEO, Tzerdek