Helping you find the best communication technology for your business needs.

Quetzel is a Technology Brokerage specialising in Unified Communications & Contact Centre. We’re dedicated to simplifying the communication technology market, allowing you to navigate 100’s of vendors and solutions to make the best decision for your business.

How can we help you?

My goal is to maximise revenue per customer:

CC Profits

Rev Throughput

Digital Business Strategy

My goal is to grow the customers lifeime value:

First call resolution

Optimised CSAT scores and resolution rates

Digital Transformation

My goal is to reduce cost per contact:

Simplfy system admin

Enterpise wide intergation

Reduced error rates / improved uptimes

My goal is to quickly adapt to changing market environments:


Why work with us?

Our clients choose us because we not only understand how to find the right solution,  we also help with negotiating the deal and ensuring adoption and compatibility aren’t an issue.

We focus on adoption, not just installation.

Our approach to procurement focuses on placing the experience of your customer/employee first and then finding the technology to fit the need. Find out more here.

What our Vendors Say

What our Vendors Say


“Over his career James has built a wealth of knowledge and experience from running sales / procurement cycles. Having worked in Industry for Vendors & Solution Providers, James is uniquely positioned to consult on business transformation and has a deep understanding of how, why and where technology can be used to achieve strategic outcomes. Having seen James operate first hand I would highly recommend his services to help advise and support businesses considering any sort of ICT project.”

Phil Jude, Alvaria - Senior Regional Channel Director – EMEA

“Having seen James working over a number of years when working together in highly complex environments such as large scale, omnichannel, multi-site contact centres – I am glad he has transferred these skills into a situation where he can help consult with customers adopting technology, finding solutions to meet strategic goals for their business”

Keith Jackson, 8x8 - VP Channel Sales EMEA

“James & myself go back a number of years from working together and it was always evident that he had a clear understanding of what challenges customer’s face, what separated James was a clear understanding of the ‘why’ behind the outcomes to clarify the motives and ensure that technology refresh projects were run conducted with business outcomes at the core, I would recommend James & Quetzel to anyone looking for support in making a change to their technology stack”

Mark Taylor, Dialpad - Regional Vice President, EMEA Mid Market & SMB

“Having worked in the UCaaS & CCaaS industry for many years with a variety of market leading vendors, James is very well positioned to advise clients on their digital transformation journey and align the right technology to meet a customers unique requirements. I would highly recommended James and Quetzel for companies looking to migrate legacy On Premise environments to the Cloud”

Daniel Oates, Zoom - Channel Manager, UK & Ireland

“Since working with James at Quetzel, it has been clear to see his knowledge of the CCaaS and communications market runs deep. Not only does he understand the benefits technology can have on a business’ CX strategy, he also understands the wider landscape, whether that is from the customer, vendor or stakeholder perspective. Anyone looking for consultancy from Quetzel should take huge confidence on their ability to help navigate the journey to achieving the required objectives.”

Rhys Dunn, Five9 - Channel Sales Manager